Male Supplements Review - Improving Sexual Performance

There are dozens of male sexual potency supplements currently on the market that are available over-the-counter and online. The big problem is, they all claim pretty much the same thing. They all promise the exact same results which always seem greatly exaggerated if not too good to be true. So how are we to know what works and what doesn’t? I’m glad I asked. Luckily for all of you, I – as your humble narrator, have some additional leisure time, a modest yet relatively disposable income and some willing and attractive lady-friends. So I took upon myself the burden of experimenting with several different supplements to see which ones provide the most desired results. Of course, your experience may and probably will vary (sometimes drastically) so it’s best to be patient and keep an open mind. There is also the psychological and emotional x-factor to consider, that contributes not only to the quantity and quality of intercourse but also overall male sexual well being. 

In two prior articles; foods that increase sexual performance and workouts that increase sexual performance, I outlined a few dietary and lifestyle routines that may help you reach your desired goals. As with that research, I have to state that I am not a physician. Please consult a doctor or healthcare professional before starting any diet, exercise or herbal supplement program. If you are experiencing any type of erectile dysfunction at any level, I likewise recommend seeing a doctor (preferably an ND [naturopathic doctor], but it's your equipment). Most importantly, you must be familiar with your own body. The more you understand your concerns, the easier it is to solve any problems you may have. The first thing you need to do is clearly define your goals. If you are in a relationship, spend some time talking with your partner about your sex life and how it can be improved if necessary. This is crucial, because lack of communication can greatly impact the aforementioned psychological x-factor. 

For me the objectives are simple; stay strong & last long - the same basic philosophy that applies to any physical activity over 40. In addition, as we age, our partners’ level of pleasure becomes more important to us. For most men, attaining a maximum level of pleasure has never really been an issue. Most of us could probably attain a high level with some Wesson oil and an inflatable armchair. If sexual pleasure were “a can of mixed nuts” (no pun intended), male pleasure would be like filberts and female pleasure would be more like the smoked almonds; scarce and more satisfying. This is a refreshing truth, but it also includes a complex dynamic of actually performing well as a lover which involves much more than physical intercourse. There is also the age-old question, “does size matter?” Most of the women I have talked to agree that it is of some, but often secondary importance. Although I can’t say with any certainty that in all cases it does or doesn't matter, I can tell you that strictly from a physiological perspective, "width beats length" – every day of the week and twice on Sunday - against the spread (no pun intended). So, with all of the physical, emotional and psychological factors aside, here are the results of highly anticipated “research” and reviews of a few popular products.

Enzyte – I have mixed emotions about this product. I have purchased it more than the rest because I like the formula, which in my opinion is the most important factor when purchasing any supplement. I have to say that on occasion it did seem to boost my overall feeling of sexual well being. At other times it seemed to be a complete non-factor. I attribute this to the possible bio-chemical reaction to some of the ingredients during different times of the day, month or year. For example, the supplement seemed to work more effectively during warmer months or at a higher body temperature, but that could also be a natural reaction to other environmental changes, such as skimpy outfits and cocoa butter. Overall, the jury is still out but I do not think it is nearly the scam it has been made out to be. (The manufacturer was accused of falsifying data for marketing purposes. But dig this, all manufacturers manipulate clinical data, in fact some even create data out of thin air.) *update* Supposedly some government agencies including the FBI have raided the Enzyte HQ and seized their assets along with imprisoning the owner. All that effort tells me that the product actually works, at least to some degree. Government agencies don't bother with so-called "scams". They couldn't care less. Scams are part of cyclical consumption within the system. They do however raid Wellness centers, Naturopathic Doctors, Natural Medicine clinics and other "alternative" remedy sources because they obviously work, at least in part - and are therefore a threat to the pharmaceutical establishment.

Extenze – I saw commercials on television for this product constantly which annoyed the hell out of me. I tried it more out of spite than curiosity. Anytime you see a sexy, young lab assistant holding a test tube and saying something is clinically proven, you know there is a pole-cat in the hen house. The only visible results I saw from this product were a slight tingling sensation and mild nervousness much like that produced by ginseng from a gas station or too much instant coffee. I did feel a slight momentary boost in overall sex drive, but not enough to match the advertised results or the cost in comparison to some other supplements I tried. It is what it is. The glass is still half full. The $20 I spent on this was more justified than $20 I might have spent on any Michael Bay film ever made. They may equally contribute to an aggravating, pointless waste of 2 hours.

Zyrexin – This product is endorsed and possibly recommended by Pornographic Superstar Ron Jeremy. Needless to say, I had to try it out. It was considerably cheaper than some of the other supplements, which gave me a slightly negative first impression. But after taking it once daily for a week in the mid-afternoon, I did see results; Firmer erections with stronger orgasms. Yeah, I know, I can’t believe it either. The main drawback is that it does not seem produce immediate results, or any at all until 3 to 5 doses. It also usually takes at least an hour or two to take effect. But I have to say, I was impressed. If I had to guess as to the reason I would say it’s the formula and measurement of key ingredients. It’s just like baking a cake; the more precisely you stick to the recipe, the less likely it will taste like a foot. The quantity is small, (10 capsules per bottle) but for the price, I would definitely recommend trying this product. 

Libido Max – I like this product despite the lack of delivery on most of its’ advertised results. The key ingredients in this formula mesh together very well. It seems to be a very good supplement for overall energy and everyday physical stamina. Ironically, it is one of the least expensive products I tried. Even more ironically, the 12 pack of tablets found at discount stores for an average price of $3 to $5 produced better results than the 60 capsule bottle found at larger stores for around $15 to $20. The drawback is that the soft gel capsules are freaking huge. They look like Mike & Ike’s on steroids. I recommend having a big bottle of water or cup of juice to wash them down. I suppose you could break them or chew them up, but I don’t think you would enjoy it. In general, things that are good for you don’t usually taste very good. If sexual potency herbs were delicious, all men would have a backyard boner garden.

Maximum Pills – This product is endorsed online by porn star Peter North, who is as dumb as a bag of pine cones but who also I'm sure gets more twang than a Buck Owens guitar solo. I know that the women in porn are paid to do the films but that’s because they should be. No one wants to see volunteer homemade porn, besides those are the best kind of sexual partners; because before, during and after sex they sound more like someone you don’t mind being around for an hour and less like a flock of geese that you can’t get away from. I am not condoning any type of prostitution at all, but if you ever have a chance to make it with a legitimate porn star, take it. Take it and never look back. As far as the supplement in question, it does have a large amount of the amino acid L-Arginine and the mineral Zinc, both of which help produce spermatic fluid, which is the main reason for Peter’s porn popularity. I have to admit, the one benefit of this overpriced supplement it is that is does deliver on that point. My happy ending was like blasting a shotgun full of hot yogurt.

Magna RX – I only bought this product because there was a drawing of a cobra on the box. I have no real excuse for that. When I am in a shopping mall, my mind always rolls back to puberty. As it turns out, the cobra drawing was the best thing about it. (It has since been changed from a snake to a white couple. Symbolism? Probably.) I did feel a little warm and tingly after using it, but that was all. Just as with some of the other supplements, the feeling was just about the same as drinking an energy drink or a few cups of coffee. I do remember that while taking it my testicles would get really hot arbitrarily. It felt like I was sitting on a douche-bag full of warm water. (I have never really done that but it seems like that would simulate the experience.) This supplement was definitely nothing to write home about, for me at least. Again, results may and probably will vary. 

Super Male Plex – I was happy with this product for its overall effects on energy and stamina. The sexual benefits were less impressive, but at a $10 price point for a 60 count bottle how could anyone possibly complain. It’s basically a pimped out multivitamin. It has some key herbal ingredients that I personally endorse and it is made by a relatively trusted company. I would recommend this supplement for men in decent or above average physical shape who need a slight boost in their daily libido and level of potency. I also recommend it as an addition to any training or workout regiment due to its overall energy enhancing properties. 

V Shot – I really like this supplement. It was a lot less expensive and the formula did not have the same level of ingredients as some of the others, but it made me feel great. In addition, because it is a liquid it seemed to work quickly. Perhaps I was severely dehydrated when I tried it or it could have been the refreshing cool blueberry deliciousness, but I think this supplement actually worked just as well as some of the male supplements in pill, capsule or tablet form. It is marketed as a “male endurance formula” which essentially just describes the effects of the individual ingredients, most of which are found in energy and workout supplements. Surprisingly, this one is a formula that I would recommend. Just don’t drink more than two per day. That goes for any energy supplement I think.

My personal recommendations are as always to stay natural and go straight to the source: Multivitamins, Yohimbe, Horny Goat Weed, Bee Pollen, Royal Jelly, Ginseng, Zinc, L-Argentine, Tribulus Terrestris, Maca, Ginkgo Biloba, Almonds, Oats, Pistachios, Honey, Cherries, Watermelon, Green Tea, Olives, Avocados and if necessary – in moderation, lean poultry and fish. 

There are a ton of male enhancement supplements out there that you can purchase without a prescription. Many of them even have a money back guarantee; which is not a major concern because the companies that manufacture them know that most men are not going to go out of their way to return something that costs less than $50. (Packing materials and shipping may sometimes cost up to half of the price you paid for the supplement.) This small sampling of over-the-counter and online-store products will hopefully be part of an ongoing research trial, which of course is by no means clinical in any way. I basically just knock back a few pills, wait a little while, initiated some foreplay then zero in and go straight for the Baku Rubles (women enjoy quality pornography more than you think, although it often differs from the type that men watch ). I can tell you first hand that attractive women in their early thirties though their late 40's generally have a healthy and sometimes insatiable sexual appetite. I think it’s great, but it sometimes leaves little margin for error. I am in no way naive or delusional about the fact that I can always be replaced. However the fact that I am aware of this possibility gives me the advantage. Always remember, there are more women than men in the world, making women the “supply” and men the “demand”, so to speak. If she knows she can get quality turgid fruits and veggies at any nearby market, she's not going to put up with your mushy limp ones. (sorry for the analogy, but it's apt) This is where older women have an advantage over younger ones, who generally have to deal with a lot of stupid and confusing feelings & emotions that they can't control or don't understand. Simply put, older more mature women do what they have to do - to get what they have to get. This is also why keeping fit after 40 is a huge advantage for men. Our choices vastly improve for attractive women of a wider age range. 

In conclusion, be careful taking these supplements guys, especially if you have a heart condition or may be allergic to certain herbs or extracts. As always I recommend trying your best to get in shape and always consult a physician before starting any diet or exercise program.