the Sushi Review - Yama Asian Fusion

Good sushi and decent service, but make no mistake, you are paying for area and atmosphere

I was impressed by the rustic/contempo decor this establishment, as this area has dozens of cookie-cutter houses and shops. Located in the SouthPark area of Charlotte NC, it's near both shopping and nightlife. The atmosphere is cool, very LA in that it has all the trendy benchmarks of what you would expect from a modern sushi bar. The service was very good for dinner and the Hibachi lunch menu is pretty straightforward, but as we say at Soundboy Magazine, it's always about the Maki, baby. 
If you want to avoid the after work, financial sector drink-pounding office crowd, check them out for lunch. The crowd is a bit more diverse: from corporate types to shop-aholics, hipsters to merchants taking the day off. The dinner crowd by comparison is vibrant and up-tempo, but keep in mind that you run the risk of being seated next to a co-worker birthday celebration or some type of merger or closing celebration of  petty bourgeois excess, unless of course that's your thing. To each their own, but it is what it is.
Both the import and domestic beer selection is above average, just like the sushi prices. They did a pretty good job on the "soundboy" roll (salmon Philly tempura) and overall I would definitely take a date there of whom I was trying to impress. But I recommend that you what you are doing in advance; preview the menu online and be ready to drop a brick (or around hundred bones) for the meal, a moderate wine and the tip. This place is all about location which is reflective in the bill. In conclusion I would recommend it if you just roll mid 5's like that. If you don't, there are literally other raw fish in the proverbial sea.