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There's no Money in the Cure - Why Natural Cancer Cures are Suppressed
There's no Money in the Cure - Why Natural Cancer Cures are Suppressed

The average cancer patent spends at least 50,000 dollars on "treatment". With a million new cancer patients every year, that equals 50 BILLION dollars annually spent on cancer treatment. Yet, somehow to modern physicians, cancer still remains somewhat a mystery. Do you really believe that? Modern medicine is telling you that they are no closer to a cure now than they were a hundred years ago. Do you believe that as well?

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Social Ecology - the Origins of Slang
The origins of Slang - Anglo/Nordic/Saxon/Caucasians i.e. "white folk"
Mr. White Folks

Contrary to popular belief and opinion, the "cracker" origin is actually quite simple. Cracker is short for “Corn-Cracker” or Cornhusker. (i.e. Jimmy Crack Corn, Crackin’ Good Winn Dixie brand, etc.) It was a term given to day laborers by the more aristocratic Anglo-Caucasian gentry in the 19th century.  It was not used in a pejorative sense until large cities began to emerge west of the Rockies in which working class Caucasians had to compete with other ethnicities' to get work.