Men's Style
How to Coordinate Men's Evening and Business Attire

An overwhelming majority of women love well-dressed men. Fortunately, being and “gentleman” is no longer a prerequisite for making the scene in a high-octane outfit. It takes practice and patience but it's generally worth it. There is some trial and error involved, but mostly it's learning through observation. If you see someone wearing something pleasing to your eye, it's more likely that you will wear it with confidence. (read more)

Men's Sexual Health
How to naturally increase male sexual performance
A guide to naturally improving male sexual health

At some point during my adult life, because I rarely used pharmaceuticals and refused to become a slave to tobacco, alcohol and caffeine, I was labeled an “herbalist”. To be honest, I wasn’t really sure what that meant the first few times I heard it. I thought maybe it was in reference to smoking ganja, which I rarely do. But I found that it means "naturalist" or otherwise outside the scope of artificial chemical compounds. (read more)


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