Catharsis Book Club & Vinyl Exams - February 2023

 Recommendations for Books and Music Winter 2023 by Skip Pulley Books (& Graphic Novels) (All Items are listed for sale on the Catharsis Books & Vinyl Ebay Page) Classic tales of Star Wars, from the funny pages to your bookshelves Beginning in 1979, fans got a daily dose of a galaxy far, far away in their newspapers - now, with this volume, you can savor those stories without the 24-hour wait C-3PO chronicles the adventures of the Rebel heroes. Luke takes his chances on a gambler's world. A sojourn on Tatooine is anything but peaceful. Princess Leia is put to work as an Imperial servant. Han Solo makes another Kessel Run. Han and Chewie get more than they bargained for on a job. Boba Fett makes his print debut.   COLLECTING: CLASSIC STAR WARS: THE EARLY ADVENTURES 1-9, CLASSIC STAR WARS: HAN SOLO AT STARS' END 1-3, CLASSIC STAR WARS 1-3, MATERIAL FROM CLASSIC STAR WARS 4

Batroc the Leaper

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