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The Varying Degrees of Sh*t 
An Alternative Top 11
by Skip Pulley
editor in chief
We have all heard colloquial phrases in modern language which involve the word "Shit"; Bullshit, Dogshit, Batshit, etc., mostly used in a pejorative sense. But did you know that the word shit is a technical biology term that was not even considered an expletive until it began to be used out of context starting around the 19th century? With that in mind, here is a breakdown of terms and phrases which contain the word "shit", with matching personality types* and the meaning of each word or phrase in the context of modern conversational dialog and behavior. Read More

Top 11 Side Hustles 
by Skip Pulley
Editor in Chief
Do you need extra bread? Do you have access to the internet? Do you have the ability to control your emotions at least well enough to interact with people for a few hours a day? Do you own a phone? 
Hot dog. You're in luck! Here are several web & gig-based methods for you to earn additional income. 
Who knows, maybe one day something on this list could actually be your main source of income. [probably not, but keep hope alive, when you struggle and strive. all that] Anyway, Off we go! 

Top 11 Mob Films of the Modern Era
by Indie Film Group Network
Leave your favorite 11 Mob films in the comments
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The irony of the trilogy is that the conclusions are inevitable. It's like cheating on a test that you knew the answers to. Watch all 3 films back to back. It's the only way to really understand the saga.

Top 11 common foods and personal care products to avoid 
By Skip Pulley – Founder, Kahuna Life
All Sucralose containing sweeteners such as Splenda consist of three components. Dextrose and maltodextrin comprise approximately 95% by volume. The third element is sucralose. Both dextrose and maltodextrin are highly refined products usually of genetically modified (GMO) origin 

A Top 11 guide to naturally improving 
male sexual health
by Skip Pulley
Slow down and understand something, you have to treat your body as a whole entity. Sexual health comes from all around physical well being. There are no real short cuts, just common sense. The most important classifications for men’s sexual health foods are those that promote good blood circulation, reduce fat, boost testosterone and increase dopamine 


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