The Origins of Slang

Most of these words and phrases are derogatory. This article is for educational purposes only. (If you are entertained by it in any way, you might want to re-examine your social skills and self opinion.) I do not endorse the use of these or similar words. I only know these words because I am a comedy writer and it would be highly unusual if I didn’t know them.
Technically, race is just a human construct. The sooner you understand that, the better. The following slang terms refer to "american" white folks. (This article is for education and information purposes.)

The Origins of Slang - Idioms & Figures of Speech (click to read more)
Caught with your pants down
This is literally what it sounds like. Being caught with your britches down originated during the Seven Year’s War (or the French and Indian war in the US). British soldiers of that era (and their colonial counterparts) fought in the old European style of traditional gentleman. They basically lined up and marched into live fire; whereas the French who were fighting alongside the Native Americans adopted their methods of using obstacles as barricades, hiding behind trees and rocks, firing while lying flat, etc. Columns of British soldiers who were on a march rarely had time to make camp, which included digging latrines. When they came to a halt and had to relieve themselves, they just went in the woods and left a dump wherever they squatted. The problem was, many of them would need to go simultaneously and they would spread themselves out. From an enemy’s point of view, this is the perfect time to attack.
Hence the term, caught with your pants down. 


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