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Accessing a background check
From: Audrey, California US
How do I access a link in my email that says undefined? I paid $1.00 to get a background check done. When I received the email with the link to access my report, it sends me to an expired page. How do I read the report?
Hi Audrey. It's part of a subscription service (scam). They offer a "free" background check for a dollar, then to actually read the details they get you to sign up for a $19.95 monthly subscription. It's very similar to the current "free" credit report internet hustle/scam. You can actually get a real background report from the FBI straight up for about $18, and it will probably be more accurate without all the spam and adware.

From: True Goddess, Clifton NJ
When a guy is highly interested in you what traits will he show?
This is a good question with a slightly complex answer. First, it depends on the age of the man. Younger men tend not to show obvious signs of interest. He may do something subtle or send signals, but more than likely he will just do something really stupid to impress you, or say something really dumb because he is insecure about his feelings. However, as men age, we tend to make our intentions more well known, and generally go after exactly what we want. Secondly, it may depend on how your personalities match. A man might be more romantic toward a woman whom he thinks will respond better to that approach. Finally, it depends on the man and how he was brought up. Unfortunately some men live their whole life without ever showing their true feelings because some fool told them it was not masculine to do so. On the other hand, if he was raised to be overly sensitive, he may show too much emotion, which is definitely a turn-off. The bottom line is, if he keeps calling, he's interested. If he doesn't, he's probably not.

Dream Interpretation
From Anonymous, Southern US
I had a nightmare that I was bit and attacked by a black lab with yellow eyes.
"We were getting ready to go somewhere ...and the dog was on its hind legs and behind it was a large park, the park across the street from my house. It was at night.... and winter. The dog was rabid and looked at me with glaring yellow eyes. It leaped on me and bit my thigh... after that I woke up......." 
Dream interpretation is one of my interests. I have practiced Shamanism for many years and I share my understanding with those who seek knowledge and truth.
If you dream that a dog bites your leg, it actually symbolizes a fear of losing your sense of balance; and/or keeping particular elements of your life in balance. A vicious dog symbolizes an inner conflict. All of these things together may suggest that there is an urge or feeling you are having that is being ignored, creating an imbalance in your life.

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