Mandela Effect EXPLAINED - Risky Business & Moonraker

Mandela Effect EXPLAINED - Risky Business & Moonraker

Risky Business: The sunglasses are basically what ties together most people's memory of that movie in general, because they were iconic to Tom's character at the end of the film. HE DID NOT WEAR THEM IN THAT DANCE SCENE.  If anyone did a parody of that scene or dressed up in that outfit without the sunglasses, no one would know who the hell they were referencing. It would just be a dork in socks and underwear.

Moonraker: Dolly never had braces. I head from someone that at one time there was a commercial spoof of that scene and the actress in the commercial had braces (maybe it was for dental insurance or oddly specific dating, I have no idea) But her character in the film did not have them, Also.......Hi! genius, the actress who played the role of Dolly, Blanche Ravalec, is still with us. She in her early 60's. JUST ASK HER ABOUT IT. I'm sure she will straighten you out.


So far, the "effect" seems to cause obsession in those who take a lot of meds or have some type of psychological or emotional issues. In which case, there are more serious problems in the world to deal with rather than crying about movies, logos and tv shows not being the way you remember them. Grow up and stop being so insecure.

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