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Summer Book Reviews
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Tulsa 1921

Woke, Inc.
A young entrepreneur makes the case that politics has no place in business, and sets out a new vision for the future of American capitalism. “Stakeholder capitalism” makes rosy promises of a better, more diverse, environmentally-friendly world, but in reality this ideology championed by America’s business and political leaders robs us of our money, our voice, and our identity.
Official release date 8/17/21
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                                              The Truth about Covid-19
A Wall Street Journal and USA Today national bestseller. Since early 2020, the world has experienced a series of catastrophic events--a global pandemic caused by what appears to be an engineered coronavirus; international lockdowns and border closings causing widespread business closures, economic collapse, and massive unemployment; and an unprecedented curtailment of civil liberties and freedoms in the name of keeping people safe by locking them up in their homes. We are now living in a world that is increasingly ruled, not by our democratic systems and institutions, but by public health fiat, carried out by politicians instilling fear and panic. Order your copy by clicking on the book cover or the link below. Buy The Truth about Covid-19 on Amazon

Tulsa, 1921: Reporting a Massacre
If you missed all the poignant yet inadequate film and TV stories about the Tulsa OK massacre (including aerial bombing, which no network mentioned) Then you can read up on it now.
Click here to order Tulsa, 1921: Reporting a Massacre. Tulsa, 1921 shines new light into the shadows that have long been cast over this extraordinary instance of racial violence. With the clarity and descriptive power of a veteran journalist, author Randy Krehbiel digs deep into the events and their aftermath and investigates decades-old questions about the local culture at the root of what one writer has called a white-led pogrom. 



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