"The Eyes of God" Now available on Kindle

The Eyes of God, Part 8 - The Last Belgian Stronghold

The Eyes of God is a series of short, interconnected stories written in a pulp-fictional style and serial format.
Each part or episode contains clues, references, "easter eggs" and subtext
which may - or may not
lead to an ultimate reveal in the final episode.
Part 8 - The Last Belgian Stronghold, is the story of a desperate attempt
to stall the advance of enemy troops in the face of total annihilation during a battle of WWI.

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The Eyes of God Series is the culmination of more than 20 years of storytelling. It is historical revisionist, semi-biographical, Mysterious, Mythological and Transformative. The story spans Eons of time on our plane of being as well as outside of the space time continum. 
Each part represents a novella in the series and is spread across multiple episodes. 
I hope you enjoy reading it. I look forward to continual publication.

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