2020 is Hindsight: A Collection of Pandemic Observations and Absurdities

 2020 is Hindsight
by Skip Pulley

This journal is posted in reverse order, on the dates each post was written. The final entry is the first to appear; the first entry is the last one to be read. Feel free to discuss these journal entries in the comments using your own thoughts in your own words. Don't just post a link with no context. Posting links and memes as response is lazy apologist conformity. If you can't find a way to make your point, then you may not have one. There are books and documentaries listed at the bottom of the post which are available for order. I suggest you expand your mind in order to keep up the debate.

January 3rd, 2021

These so-called "variants" are a clear confirmation that this virus, whatever it is, and wherever it came from, is here to stay. By design. I'm sure "world health" organizations will eventually go through the entire Greek alphabet naming different variants, (as if the so-called variants were somehow NOT already named and labelled and stored in a vault somewhere) then after all the greek letters are used, they will start over with another alpha code system. Maybe they will name them like hurricanes. Who knows. We are all victims of this thing, on some level. I wish I could do more to help, but all I can say is if you do your best to live a healthy lifestyle, you should make it through alright.
I don't have the heart or the desire to write about this anymore.
The bad news is, this thing is not going to go away. The good news is, neither am I.
One love.

December 22nd, 2020

In the entire history of allopathic medicine, which utilizes petro-chemical pharmaceuticals to treat disease, there is a known scientific fact that it literally takes YEARS to develop a safe, effective vaccine; of any type - for any purpose. According to every so-called expert and all existing literature on the subject. The Development - to Clinical Trials - to Testing, can sometimes take up to 10 years, but the average nowadays is 4 to 7 years. Yet, we are now being told that a completely safe, effective vaccine has completed development in a matter of months with zero accompanying clinical data and no known published testing or trial results. The world health "authorities" are strongly encouraging everyone to put something into their bodies that hasn't even been tested on animals. And people are lining up to do just that. In droves. I'm not telling anyone what to do. We are all adults. It's only concerning to me because it's not going to stop. Ever. The writing is on the wall. The same way big pharma relentlessly pushes flu shots on the public every year, they will push these viral inoculations on modern society on a semi-annual, or maybe even monthly basis before it's said and done. But I don't think it will ever be "done".
(albeit speculation on my part, this "vaccine" was created and approved so quickly because it probably already existed. If this virus was developed in a lab, [and it looks more and more like it was] then a vaccine would have been created simultaneously, out of the same research. Because that's how biological warfare works.)

July 29th, 2020

I walked in to one of my favorite restaurants and there were people sitting at tables and booths, eating and drinking and laughing and talking. Without masks, of course. So I asked the young hostess what the official procedure was, as I was wearing a mask at that moment (sarcastically) and I had walked in right past people who weren't - sitting only a few feet away. She didn't really know and felt bothered. That is understandable. She's just trying to serve food and make a living. My own essential worker NDA's and permission slips didn't spell it out either, so I went to the department of commerce site.The deal is, you're supposed to wear a mask going in the door, when you get to your table, then take it off and eat, then put it back on when you walk out. That's literally what it says. If your common sense isn't affected yet, here is another one.
I went to another restaurant a day after that, much smaller, and the booths and tables where people eat were intertwined spatially with the people standing up waiting for take out. In other words, I had on a mask standing up on a strip of floor-tape, but then, I sat down 1-foot away from the tape and just took it off, because that's where I would be eating it for dine-in. And the person standing up 2 feet to my right, still had on their mask.
If you can't grasp that level of ridiculousness, then I think you may be motivated by something other than fear. If this thing is so bad that people have to wear a mask, then dining rooms full of non-masked people defeats the purpose. Also, what happened to gloves? No food worker I encountered was wearing them. And they actually touch the food that goes into your body.
In addition, if covid is so deadly, why is it only classified as a bio-hazard level 2 by the CDC, which "involves microorganisms that are responsible for mild infections in humans and are often difficult to contract via aerosolized particles". To give you some scale, Level 4 is supposedly viruses with no cure. Like ebola, etc. [Don't just take my word for it, check the cdc website yourself. covid is listed as BSL-2]

Fear is a strong emotion. It will dominate any level of intelligence if you allow it. I don't care about trump, I don't care about how this whole thing is designed to get rid of cash transactions and brick and mortar retail and I don't care about certain people's inconvenience and privilege. I care about helping people find a natural connection to their best self. My motivation is to lead by example. And keep my head on straight.

May 19th 2020

Someone remarked today about how tired I look. I told them I agree. I am extremely tired. Some people constantly complain about being bored and isolated. They need to shut up. I don't even know what boredom is anymore. Back in the first week in March, I received several letters from high ranking Govt. officials which stated how "essential" I was to the economic system etc. It said I can go pretty much anywhere at any time during the "crisis", and if anyone tried to stop or detain or question me, they would have to answer to the labor secretary, the commerce whomever, so on and so forth. Yet, as time went by, not only did I NOT get any "hazard" pay or a RAISE of any kind, I actually had to take a PAY CUT so the top executives at the worldwide conglomerate for which I work could keep an extra tiny fraction of their 7 figure income...while they sit home and do nothing...and I'm out there, every day. With sh*tty "PPE", (thank god I don't actually need it) with no consideration or concern for my well-being and with very little if any recognition. If I didn't do what I do every day, your debit cards wouldn't work, food and supply distribution chains would go haywire and many of the systems you take for granted would not function. Yet, I'm not asking for praise. I don't require accolades. I just want everyone to take a moment and think about the people you don't see - and hardly think about - and barely or never hear from - who are making a huge difference. You've heard the terms "front line workers" and "essential employees", Well, I am part of a group who carries the front line on our backs.

April 21st, 2020

Podcast Q & A Recap. I was asked the following question recently on a podcast:

Question: what do you think about people defying the quarantine to gathering in mass and also various state governors randomly allowing businesses and venues to open?

Answer: Well, I say if anyone who wants to gather publicly in mass right now, let them. For two reasons. Either they will all get sick and die, which means world health organizations and mainstream media were right about everything the whole time (which is unlikely),
they will not get sick and die, at all, which means we have all been lied to this whole time (which is much more likely). Either way, it's a win-win because most of the people who would die are most likely going to be assholes.

[I'm now unofficially banned from that podcast]
The moral to the story is, if you don't want my peaches, don't be shakin' my tree.

April 1st, 2020

What on earth is going on at Iglesia Adventista Del Septimo Dia Central de Charlotte? That is the church around the corner from my house. A steady stream of several hundred cars has been lined up for blocks, gridlocked, slowly moving towards the church. This is way more than their regular membership/congregation, even though it's a big church. I went on to their website, but my spanish is not so very good. I'm thinking its like a drive up - drive thru blessing jawn where the Pops puts a cracker in your mouth and then hits you with the high power Jesus vibe or throws the water on ya'. I'm good on that for now, but if they are raffling off some appliances or giving out a fish plate or something, I might mess around and roll on up over yonder.

March 19th, 2020

Sadly, some of my close friends are feeling sick and some have tested positive for corona virus. I have been a natural health and healing professional for 5 years now.
So, here is the straight skinny the way I see it. I mean the L down. From me to you.
1 - Wearing a mask in public is pointless. Unless someone is trying to spit (or sneeze/cough) directly into your mouth, a mask is useless. They are for health professionals to keep sanitary, not for public interaction. Masks prevent YOU from spreading snot, spit and saliva, not the other way around. They give you a mask to hold a newborn baby...not to protect YOU from the baby, but to protect the baby from you.
2 - Closing restaurant dining rooms but keeping restaurants open for takeout defeats the entire purpose of containment and is accelerating the spread of the virus if this is in fact is an epidemic. It is much more likely to contract a pathogen from someone handling, breathing-on and exposing potentially contaminated surfaces to food...which goes directly into your body...than it is to breathe common air from someone in a dining area. Fast food employees are not exactly pillars of good health, based on low wages and lack of health insurance, in addition to a lack of basic sanitary work practices. If what we are being told is true, (and it probably isn't) then eating prepared food from any fast food establishment right now would be a really bad idea.
3 - According to the CDC and unfunny jokes like NPR, there is a contagion exponent. You're thinking to yourself, what does that mean? It means that the virus is supposedly continuing to spread exponentially. Meaning, On Friday the 13th, NC had between 4-8 confirmed cases. As of tomorrow, March 20th, it will be well over 125. Meaning, The count is doubling every two days, i.e. "exponentially". 4, 8, 16, 32, 64, 128, etc. There are only two conclusions that can be reached; either this thing is almost entirely fictional or it is completely unavoidable. i.e., it is not a matter of if, but when, and how bad.
4 - People are hoarding essentials, yet STILL going out in public, en-mass. I was repairing a PC at trader joe's the other day, and it was PACKED. No one was even buying essentials, they were buying sprouts and horsesh*t like tofu and imported sundries. And everyone was on edge and adversarial. It was like that opening scene in the movie Gladiator except instead of Romans vs. Germaninan tribes it was Karens' and old black men VS. Beckys' and young gay guys.
5 - Again, if what we are being told is true, The first wave of this "virus", the one we are in right now, will not be the worst. By a long-shot. After it spreads to central and south America in 4-6 months and then comes back up north, it will be much more difficult to defeat. But that's just it. I don't think defeating it is the plan. I think this thing is designed to stay around forever. (it appears to seem more and more like a type of weaponized flu). This year is ether the beginning of the end or the end of the beginning. Come to grips with that. The world is changing before our eyes.
6 - No one else is saying this, but I will. The bees are essentially gone. For all intents and purposes. The few private domestic beekeepers who believe they are helping, really aren't. Domestic beekeeping is actually causing a more rapid decline in the wild bee population, which is the one that counts. The in-nature bee population is essentially no more. Which means a drastic reduction in natural pollination of food crops and no suppression of runaway pollen allergens which will accelerate respiratory difficulties in humans. When the bees go away for good, we will be right behind them. Some sooner than others. It's a fact.
7 - This "covid" variation of corona is similar to the flu, but seemingly modified. (Intentionally? I don't know. You tell me.) If you are obese, have type 2 diabetes or have a heavy sugar/processed food intake (sugar toxicity), you are going to get sick, perhaps seriously. If you're a heavy smoker, (either tobacco or weed) of any age, you're going to get sick. If you're a big weed smoker, your cells are probably OK, but your pulmonary capillaries are damaged from burnt particulate matter. At the end of the day, smoke is still smoke. That's why smoking any and all herbs should be ceremonial and sporadic at best. At least weed smokers may go out having a sense of peace. And...the munchies. Too bad the store shelves will be empty.
8 - Even though we have been told this thing is a respiratory illness, my guess is that it is actually vascular. And...it was made somewhere here in the US. Of course, that theory is evidence-based speculation on my part. The actual verified facts that were revealed to me last week (at the same time I received my all-access front-line travel permission slip from the labor dept.) are facts that will not write about under any circumstance, based on NDAs and other legal documents I signed. Posting it publicly would get me fired at best, maybe prosecuted in worst case scenario. I am a disciple of truth, but not an apostle of starving to death.

Don't be sore at me. But this is what it is. There have been 5 mass extinctions of earth and 3 of mankind. We are in the middle of the sixth for earth, fourth for humans. That's why climates are shifting. It's time is now due. My best advice is to make peace with yourself and your surroundings.
Flu or no flu, weaponized or not, exaggerated or not, this is the harbinger of things to come.

Yall, be safe. Give love where you can. Love is eternal. Human life is fleeting.
One love.

Additional resources and research materials
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Evidence suggests that the "virus" first appeared in the US and Europe in November, 2019,
almost a full month before China.


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