Oscar Slap Memes and "Slapgate" Editorial

 Oscar Slap Memes and "Slapgate" Editorial
by Skip Pulley - Editor in Chief

    For the record, I do not watch the Oscars, I do not support the Oscars and I do not care about the existence of award shows in general or Hollywood specifically. The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences was formed in 1927 as a segregationist organization to remove any legal recourse for people of color to litigate against major studios for excluding them in the production of motion pictures on either side of the camera. Year after year, decade after decade, people of color were snubbed or outright ignored with the exception of a few token performers along the way; who until the 60's had to enter and exit through the server's entrance around back. In fact, the very same couple at the heart of this debacle, the Smiths themselves, boycotted the oscars six years ago (when they coincidentally weren't nominated or invited to present). However, because Will was nomiated this time, evidently he decided not only to be an enthusiasic academy supporter all the sudden but also be compelled at some point to physically strike another black man on live television and yell profanities in front of the mostly white, mostly elitist, mainly discriminatory and completely bullsh*t Hollywood establishment, making a complete ass of himself. But I digress.

here are only two possible explanations for this childish outburst: Either Will Smith is an emotionally unstable simp who was so disturbed by his wife's eye-roll that he immediately stopped laughing, put on his thug-mug gangster stroll and completely embarrassed himself professionally - Or...the whole thing was staged. Now, make no mistake, I'm #teamchrisrock all the way, not just because he is objectively a better human being than Will, but also because he is a comedian, doing a job. He told a joke. Then, he handled getting smacked around way better than I (or anyone I know) would have, that's for sure. I may not have a million-dollar studio trainer, but I do have a solid 225lbs of human dignity. The not-so-fresh prince may get the best of me, but he would have known he was in a for real scrap that evening, I can assure you.

    The main two things bothering me are 
1) the way Will started to laugh until he saw Jada was mad, then in typical fashion of being in public, he over-compensated; thereby validating the simp/cuckhold rumors and allegations in regards to them; And 
2) the still photo of Chris right before he got hit, which looks like he is bracing himself - not just "flinching". Which suggests some type of foreknowledge*. I'm willing to bet a 57 year old Chris rock doesn't have the lighting reflexes to brace himself in a split second for a surprise slap. So I cannot not rule out the possibility of them staging the entire incident.*

    However, if the altercation was real, it's just plain stupid to risk losing everything that you have worked for...over a joke. In addition to that, Jada would not have defended him if the situation was reversed. At least not at that moment. Because she knows better. She clearly wears the pants. Although they both proudly made a public spectacle out infidelity and lack of any family integrity whatsoever, people are adamantly defending them both. It's what I call "the Barabbas effect". My best advice to everyone who is making excuses for black folk acting acting a fool in public is to stop feeling sorry for thin-skinned holywood millionaires. Because they don't care about you. My best advice to Will is to worry less about Jada's name being in a comedian's mouth and worry more about who has been in Jada's mouth. ~ SP

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*Compelling evidence that it was all staged
Staged or Real? Leave your opinion in the comments.


  1. If somebody slap me it better knock me out where I can't remember who did it or what direction it came from because if it doesn't it won't be a mis understanding that gets off the ground it'll be a 58 year-old woman with an excellent lawyer and I'll pray for you while they take you to jail

    1. I know that's right. Anyone who slaps me better be ready to throw down. Full stop.


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